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SlowFlow (For HC)
HD video projection
Dimensions variable; TRT 13:00, continuous loop, silent

Seen here are 4 short clips from different sections of the video work, SlowFlow (For HC).
In the complete work, the same video recording of light reflecting on flowing water repeats 3 times. Each time, the footage starts by playing in real time, then slows down to play individual frames, and then speeds back up to play in real time again. For each repeat, the way the frames blend or shift from one to the next is determined by how the software program analyzes the frames based on the interpolation method selected.
Everyday phenomenon, how I see it, how it is manipulated by camera choices, and manipulated by computer software are forefronted.
HC stands for Harry Callahan, the 20th-century photographer, as his series, Sunlight on Water, looks a lot like the video images I recorded. I did not start my work with his in mind, but made the connection immediately upon recording my footage. I explore the phenomenon with nighttime video recordings and 21st century media.